About Thinkershub

ThinkersHub provides globally accessible domain where researchers, innovators, companies and citizens can publish, find and re-use each other's data and tools for research, innovation and educational purposes. ThinkersHub promote the faster distribution of the cutting edge knowledge and invites more broadly participation in the discovery of new knowledge to the benefit of researchers and citizens. ThinkersHub helps to build a collaborative relationship between different entities to work toward shared objective of creating sustainability. ThinkersHub promote New models of scholarly communication. ThinkersHub promote Modern reward and recognition practices need to support data sharing and re-use. ThinkersHub promote the links between the technology producers and technology users are crucial for linking research to socio-economic needs, leading to future wealth and job creation.

Our Vision

To have a significant positive impact on everything from education to the practice of medicine to the ability of entrepreneurs to innovate


To spread knowledge and allow that knowledge to be built upon

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