Frequently Asked Questions

Papers can be submitted directly to the journals through Submission page. To submit a manuscript, either: Go to Browse Journals, select the journal you wish to submit to, and click on the Submission button to begin the process.
From submission page on this Thinkershub Open Access website, select the journal you wish to submit to from the drop-down list.

Thinkershub publishes a range of scientific, technical and medical journals. We accept submissions in a range of categories listed while submission.

No, this function is not available. Please submit your article only when it is completed and ready for processing.

Except where specified (such as for short reports) there is no maximum word or page count. This allows authors maximum flexibility in communicating with readers. Large manuscripts rarely incur delays and attract no additional fees.

There are no restrictions on quantities of figures or tables. Large quantities and use of color attract no additional fees.

Your figures should be clear, blur and pixellation free and files should be of reasonable size. Figures may be submitted in any common file format. Do not place all your figures in a Powerpoint file - these files can become very large and difficult for reviewers to download.

No. Your manuscript must be unique and not published elsewhere. Prior publication of datasets or deposition in a pre-print server do not constitute prior publication.

Typically, four weeks. This includes peer review and the time required by the editorial decision-maker to arrive at a decision. Occasionally a longer period may be needed to ensure that sufficient peer reviewers can be found or if the editorial decision-maker requests additional time. Authors are informed promptly of the reason for any delays.

Typically, three to six weeks following the commencement of production. This is heavily dependent on all authors responding promptly to requests.

The corresponding author is responsible for making payment of the article publication charge or for providing details of the funding organization or institution that will be making payment on their behalf.

Payment of the article publication charge can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Details are included in the invoice you will receive.

Just visit your article's usage metrics to see the latest count.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us

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